5 Tips for Flipping Houses with LevelUp Louisville

We were so honored to be asked to teach a class on "House Flipping 101" with LevelUp Louisville a few weeks ago! Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous - a company actually thought we were knowledgable enough to ask us to teach a class, and people actually paid to attend! Talk about a vote of confidence!

Prior to the class, we got to spend an afternoon with Natalia, the creator/owner of LevelUp, and chat with her about our current project and also what we've learned about flipping houses. She managed to catch most of it on video - check it out!


The class was held on May 11th at Story Louisville, an awesome co-working space in the Butchertown Market. After we started talking, the nerves went away and it turned into a great open discussion. We try to be pretty open and transparent about our experience and work, which includes talking about our mistakes (of which we make plenty) - which lead to some pretty honest discussions about the process of flipping houses and what we've learned in the past 4.5 years. 

If you weren't able to attend the May class, or didn't hear about it - fear not, there's more classes in the works! Keep an eye on LevelUp's class schedule , or follow them on Instagram to be notified of our next session - and find some other interesting ones while you're at it! I'm wanting to attend the next hand lettering and iPhone photography classes, so keeping my eyes open for those!

If you don't want to wait until the next class, or aren't in the Louisville area, you can buy a copy of our eBook and get the knowledge that way. Click here to go to our eBook purchase page!