Power Home Series: Episode 4 with Brenlow Properties

I've said it before and I'll say it again: many people are surprised to learn that flipping houses is on the side for both Barlow and Brenna. Barlow is supposed to be (cough) RETIRED (cough) from the manufacturing industry, and Brenna works full-time as a Project Manager in advertising. 

WELL - it just so happens that Brenna works for Power, a B2D2C (that's Business to Dealer to Consumer) agency that specializes in home installed products. It turned out to be a perfect fit when Power asked her for help with their Home Series - a short video series that partners with different pros in the building and remodeling industry, to help our clients be even better at communicating with that niche of consumers. So with video camera in tow, we headed over to our Canoe Lane property to talk fixture selections, working with dealers, and more.

Check out Episode 4, part 1 of the Power Home Series here - and follow Power on Facebook and Instagram for more informational tidbits (and some shenanigans) from the home products world. Part 2 is coming soon!