(RE)Source Podcast with Jay Pitts

It seems like more and more people are talking about their favorite podcasts. My Favorite Murder and other true crime podcasts are all the rage. In the real estate investing world, Bigger Pockets podcasts are a wealth of information. So it was super cool when Jay Pitts reached out to me through our agent Dana Willett-Maier and asked if I would be interested in being a guest on his podcast.

Jay's podcast is called (RE)source and focuses on any and all things real estate (and leadership), and is a great source of knowledge especially for agents. If you're interested in becoming an agent, improving your sales chops, or just in the real estate market in general - it's a must listen. Head over to iTunes to subscribe!

A couple weeks later, I sat down with Jay and Gabe Prewitt on a Friday afternoon to talk about flipping houses, how we got started and what I've learned. I had a blast and hope I get to do it again soon!

Listen to the full episode here!

And, here's a sneak preview: