Overwhelmed? I can help!

Do you want to take on a renovation project in your own home and have a million ideas swirling around in your head (cement tile, champagne bronze and shiplap, oh my!) but just aren't really sure where to start? Yeah, you and 5492 other people - I promise you're not alone. 

I can help from projects as small as picking paint colors and bath fixtures that accomplish the "look" you're loving, to finishing out a basement from scratch, and basically everywhere in between. 

Or - if you're house-hunting and want something you can put a bit of renovations and sweat equity into, whether it's for your personal home or an investment property - I can accompany you to the listed property and help you figure out what renovations can be made to increase the value, meet the neighborhood standards and maximize your investment.

What I am NOT is a licensed Realtor, structural engineer, or contractor for hire. I am not a formally trained interior designer, I draw on my 5+ years' experience designing and renovating our flip projects. Only design consulting and renovation planning services available at this time.

The details:

What: 1.5 hour in-person design consulting session in the metro Louisville, Kentucky area. 

How much: $250 for 1.5 hours.

Where: Louisville, Kentucky metro area only at this time. 

Who: For anyone getting ready to tackle a remodeling project and wanting reassurance that they're heading in the right direction, or guidance towards a clear direction. Especially those on a budget and wanting to do as much of the design themselves in order to save money for actual renovations.

When: Evenings and weekends mostly, to fit the majority of schedules. Some daytime appointments will be available periodically.

What we'll talk about: Whatever you want help with or a sounding board for. Paint colors, tile patterns, fixture selections, which wall to take out, kitchen cabinet layout, can you fit a pantry or a wet bar somewhere, alternative layout solutions that could save you some money, mechanical necessities that you need to consider, what will it take to add a bathroom in your basement, how to turn a small bedroom into a master bath and closet, you name it.

How to get started: I'll ask you to send me some information on your upcoming project, current photos, any inspiration photos that have the look or elements you like, any layout/features problems you're trying to solve, and your must-have's and no-way-in-hell's.

The result: After the design consult, clients typically feel that they have a clear direction with which to move forward. They feel more prepared with elements to consider and questions to ask their contractor, and a better knowledge of how to keep renovation costs down through more efficient planning. And, sometimes they feel just plain relieved that the paint colors and tile they picked really do go together and with that style of house.

Design consults are verbal and do not include physical design plans or materials lists. Further design services are available, prices vary depending on desired services and deliverables.

How to get started: Head over to our contact form to request an appointment. I'll get back to you within 48 hours to schedule the consult and start talking about your project.