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"Shut Up and Flip A House Already: A Guide to Help You Shit or Get Off the Pot"

Brenna and her co-author, Wendy Doris aka @flippinwendy, met on Instagram and then eventually met in real life. It started as swapping ideas and advice back-and-forth, then visiting each other's project houses. A common theme over the first couple years was the questions and requests we were both constantly receiving: people asking us for coffee meetings/brain-picking sessions - via email, phone call, social media messaging and comments, etc. While we are both honored to be trusted as a valuable resource, there's no way we could fulfill every meeting invite and/or email request for information that came our way. We also realized there was a lack of inexpensive, genuine resources out there for people considering getting into this crazy business we somehow love. Our answer was to write an ebook, with the goal of being as transparent, honest and truthful as possible here. We did NOT want to put out just another book that dances around the topic without really ever telling the reader any useful information. And we're definitely not trying to get you to buy tickets to some seminar - we don't roll like that. 

This book is meant for the people who love the idea of flipping, but want to see what it will really take. They've been saying they want to get into it, and should just shut up and do it already. It's also for the homeowner who wants to put in some sweat equity to improve the value of their home. This book is filled with what we would tell you if we were to meet with you for coffee, or beer - there's a lot to talk about! It contains more than a few truth bombs and ugly lessons we've learned along the way. And some successes and pretty pictures too. The book is about 100 pages long and is the result of our combined 15+ years' and 30+ houses worth of experience. We hope you enjoy it!