We pick and choose our projects carefully - and only take on ones that we will be proud to put our name on.



Who We Are

Both lifelong Louisvillians, Barlow and Brenna Brooks are a father-daughter team geniunely dedicated to improving not only the properties we purchase, but also the neighborhoods in which we work. Yes, this is a business, and so at the end of the day buying and selling these houses has to be financially worth our while - but the best compliment we've ever gotten was a sincere "Thank you for what you are doing for the neighborhood." 

We believe in collaborating with professionals we trust, asking questions when we aren't sure of the answers, learning from experience, being able to laugh at ourselves, and treating not only each other, but the teams, companies and people with whom we partner, with respect. 

We realize that we're very fortunate to be able to do what we do - and really do love doing it. To us, the most rewarding part of renovating homes in need of some TLC is watching them come back to life - and at the end, having a new family to call them "home". 


Why We're Different

We're small potatoes. We don't do 5, 10, 25 houses at a time. In fact, we only do 3-4 per year. And that's the way we like it - for now at least. 

It might sound strange, but this is actually a side venture for both of us. Barlow is supposed to be "retired" and Brenna works full-time in marketing. Because of those things, we only do one or two houses at a time, and a handful per year. As a result, we're very picky about the projects that we choose to take on. It's about quality, not quantity.

We know that we spend a lot more on our remodels than most "flippers" would. We take pride in not only how our houses look when they're finished, but also everything we put into them that you can't see - we will never cut a corner or do something cheaply just to save ourselves a few bucks. Safety- and integrity-wise, we would personally live in any of the houses that we've remodeled. 

We just don't see a point in taking on a project if it's not something we're going to be proud of when we're finished.



A Little Bit More

In Business since: October 2012
Completed Houses: 12
Preferred Areas: St. Matthews, the Highlands, Crescent Hill
Favorite Project:  Dorsey       Biggest Lesson Learned: Buyers really do want open concept!
How We Solve Conflict: Talk it out (probably over a couple of beers)

About Barlow:

Nickname: Bump; and Brenna calls him YodaGyver because he knows EVERYTHING                      Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering; Rose Polytechnic Institute (now Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
Other Interests: Hot Rods, Barbershop Singing, College Basketball, Live Jazz
Secret Talent: Can jerry-rig just about anything; also he is building a hot rod from scratch - literally piece-by-piece, from the ground up.

About Brenna:

Nickname: Bwenna             Education: BBA in Marketing and BS in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles; University of Kentucky. Entrepreneurship MBA; University of Louisville. Holds PMP Certification.
Other Interests: Live music, traveling, equestrian sport of Eventing, going to the lake, craft beer, cooking
Secret Talent: I can lick my elbow, and I am an excellent proofreader.